Session-Timeout Problem

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Feb 2 21:30:04 CET 2017


> > 1) you can send the attribute back all the time (add it to reply in the post-auth
> > section of the outer tunnel
> There is no "outer-tunnel" in "sites-available", even if there were one, 
> I wouldn't know how to add it.

well, yes there is, its usually called 'default' by default.

> > 2) read the cache docs and look at provided config (if you havent stripped it all out)
> > that shows how to add attributes into the cache system and how to apply those
> > cached values to the outer reply
> I don't know where the cache docs are and would gladly read them if you 
> could direct me.

sites-enabled/default, sites-enabled/inner-tunnel conatin all the info needed regarding the cache
and updating replies

but if this is still ocrruign even when you dont have cache running, you will need to do, as instructed
already like 4 times, to run in debug mode and see what the server is doing/deciding.  it will be quite clear.


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