Problem setting eduroam

Olivier Olivier.Nicole at
Wed Feb 8 11:17:08 CET 2017


I have some problems setting up eduroam. I am in charge of CS department
inside my university.

I have credential both in CS department and at the university level.

I can use my CS credential to authenticate to eduroam, whether I am in
my CS department network or anywhere else in the university network (and
in the world according to some roaming users).

I can use my university credentials to authenticate to eduroam when I am
on the university network, but it does not work when I am in CS
department network. I don't know if it is working anywhere else in the

CS department network and university network are not connected,
futhermore they both refer to the national eduroam gateway for
authentication (for historical reason, there is no hierarchy).

How can I check why I cannot authenticate? It could be 2 reasons:
- I do not proxy properly to the national eduroam gateway
- my university side of eduroam is not receiving/answering to the
authenication requests coming from upper level.

I have no credential outside of my CS department and university that I
can use for testing.

Best regards,


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