Multiple shared secret per IP?

Chris Taylor (chtaylo2) chtaylo2 at
Mon Feb 13 15:47:36 CET 2017

On FreeRadius v.3.0.12.  I have a requirement where I need to send test authentications to the F.R. server, which are then proxy’ed. 



user: monitor

source IP:

secret: MonitorAgent


^ - That’s easy. To complicate, I need to also authenticate real users from the same source server, using a different shared secret.  (anyone can view the one above, so not secure) Ideally, I’d like to also lockdown the above secret key, to the single user.



user: userA, etc, etc

source IP:

secret: SD%^GHJ


Is it possible to have multiple secret strings per IP or maybe different domains per IP?  If not, any recommendations? 



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