Maximum number of virtual servers?

Clayton Knorr clayton.knorr at
Wed Feb 15 20:39:52 CET 2017

I don't think we can count on all these locations having their own domain name, but we can just make use of a user attribute in ldap instead.

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> We're going to have lots of users from different organizations in one LDAP directory and virtual servers would be a way to have a different basedn when searching for the user accounts for each organization. It isn't a necessity just one option we're looking at.

  Have everyone login with their email address.  Then, you can qualify the LDAP lookups by domain names.

  That's a lot easier than the alternative...

  The main reason to use different virtual servers is because you have wildly different policies for each organization.  If the policies are similar and data driven... just put the information in a database, and select it by domain name.

  Alan DeKok.

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