Radius Stering

Richard J Palmer richard at merula.net
Wed Jan 4 15:39:44 CET 2017


We use FR a lot for authentication etc and this works perfectly...

However I have a need for a Wholesale backhaul to run a platform 
radius setup - this is for session steering. At this point I actually 
don't care about the username or password.

What I'd like to do is look at a combination of the calling-station-ID 
/ the IP address of the radius client sending the request to us.

Based on this we will return some parameters to create a L2TP tunnel.

The far end will THEN send a L2TP tunnel to us that reaches here and 
we do the full authentication.

Note that with the Calling station ID I am looking for a pattern match 
and not exact matches (eg We will be passed ABCD1234533 or 
LLAD433224). I am looking to return one set of answers if the Calling 
Station ID starts with ABCD and another if it starts LLAD

I may also want to send different data IF the request comes from A 
radius client with IP or

I am happy to dig into this but any pointers you can provide would be 


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