Max length for User-Name

Joe Friedeggs friedeggs44 at
Fri Jan 27 21:53:39 CET 2017

Yeah, well, that's what comes in centos6, and the powers that be insist we stick to that.  You've heard the story.  Heck, we just recently got off of 1.1.7.  I know, I know, it just makes everyone's life more difficult.  Appreciate you input, though.

On the plus side, 1.1.7 worked wonderfully for us for years, and I'm hoping for the same with 2.2.6.

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> which recommends 'at least' 63 octets, but I see the sql (ver 2.2.6 with postgresql) set the limits the UserName to 'at most' 64 characters:

2.2.6 ??? thats hideously outdated. its been updated and fixed since those days.

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