Max length for User-Name

Matthew Newton mcn4 at
Fri Jan 27 22:52:11 CET 2017

On Fri, Jan 27, 2017 at 08:53:39PM +0000, Joe Friedeggs wrote:
> Yeah, well, that's what comes in centos6, and the powers that be
> insist we stick to that.  You've heard the story.

Same story here I guess. CentOS provide the package; CentOS
provide the support.

Let us know how you get on :)

> I know, I know, it just makes everyone's life more difficult.

But there's an easy fix for that :(

Your management do know that version 2 is end-of-life and no
longer supported, right?

> On the plus side, 1.1.7 worked wonderfully for us for years, and
> I'm hoping for the same with 2.2.6.



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