Cannot authorize users other than default "John Doe"

Matthew Newton matthew at
Sun Jul 2 03:03:55 CEST 2017

On 2 July 2017 01:28:38 BST, Brian Hogans <brianhogans at> wrote:
>First is a failed test.  (couldn’t exactly tell where it began and
>ended, might have copied too much text).  Seems like they are both
>using EAP-PEAP but maybe I’m mistaken.  Not sure by reading what I’m

That's better thanks. Yes your device is using PEAP.

John Doe is in your users file which is why that works. It's not in the SQL database.

sql is called in the default server (sites-available/default) after EAP which isn't any use. Add a call to sql at the top of the sites-available/inner-tunnel authorize section instead and see what happens.


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