Cannot authorize users other than default "John Doe"

Matthew Newton matthew at
Sun Jul 2 03:48:18 CEST 2017

On 2 July 2017 02:31:26 BST, Brian Hogans <brianhogans at> wrote:
>> sql is called in the default server (sites-available/default) after
>EAP which isn't any use. Add a call to sql at the top of the
>sites-available/inner-tunnel authorize section instead and see 
>> what happens.
>SUCCESS!  Actually what I did was went into the eap.conf file and
>commented out the section that said “virtual_server = “inner tunnel””
>and it must have defaulted to the sql database.

Not recommended. Just add sql to the inner tunnel instead, otherwise you're asking for trouble at some point.

But at least you've found what the problem is.


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