How to do FreeRADIUS understand the ssh encrypted password that is passed?

Kalil de A. Carvalho kalilac at
Thu Jul 27 19:22:13 CEST 2017

Hello all.

It is me again. Sorry for that.

I have my enviroment working fine for telnet access, my FreeRADIUS server
is doing the user search on LDAP with no problem but, when I use any ssh
session is passed a encryped password that RADIUS try to use with LDAP
database, found the user but the password is considered wrong and regect my

I searched for configuration and what I saw it is very similar whith I have
here. The unic diference is that I am using a EdgeRouter Lite but I am
folling the documentation and using the GUI tool.

Can any one help me?

Best regards.

Kalil de A. Carvalho

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