sending Filter-Id to another accounting server - need help

Eby Mani eby_km at
Wed Mar 1 20:11:40 CET 2017

How do i configure freeradius to send user based Filter-Id to an accounting server?. Each user will have different Filter-Id value, users without any Filter-Id string will be denied access on the another NAS(listen only).

I have the following in post-auth section of sites-enabled/default
 update reply {
 Filter-Id = "%{sql:SELECT `value` FROM `radreply` WHERE
Freeradius is sending Filter-Id back to the user connected NAS, but not to the accounting server(another NAS, listen only).
To which section should i add the update reply{} section in copy-acct-to-home-server file ? or is there a special command to include Filter-Id ?.



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