maintenance of radacct table

bbnlradius bbnlradius at
Sun Mar 5 05:57:40 CET 2017

We are running a free radius  version 2.2.0. It is talking to a mariadb 
database having 32 gb ram with 24 core cpu.

 From many days we are seeing major performance issue on the radius 
Seeing radacct table getting bombarded with high hits of update statement.
The radacct table has been daily partitioned and has around 6 months of 
data. The total rows is
     Data_length: 17732239360
    Index_length: 27330428928
       Data_free: 1644167168
  Auto_increment: 131859985

I need to drop the old data by dropping the partitions, but we are 
seeing that the gb limit goes hay wire, when we do this.
Even when the table was not partitioned we saw the same issue.
Can somebody please do help me out as to how to update the right data 
when the radacct table data is dropped.
I saw a script from my colleague who had a maintenance script for 
radacct, it is using rm_radacct table too, but i see no rows in this 
table. Is this what supposed to be?

Please do help me out as to how to do maintenance of the radacct table.

thanks in advance

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