How to manipulate NAS-Port-ID from freeswitch using libfreeradius v1.1.7 ?

Brian Candler b.candler at
Mon Mar 13 12:26:17 CET 2017

On 12/03/2017 21:48, Dmitriy Borisov wrote:
> I`ve a problem:(  I must interoperate with PortaBilling Radius server,
> which requires from me to send 5060 in NAS-Port-Id attribute. I can`t
> understood, how can I do this. It always equal to zero. I found that I must
> write something to /etc/freeradius/port-id-map, but I don`t know what port
> freeswitch using (eg /dev/tty0)

Show what code you're currently running, and what configs you have 
already made.  From what you wrote above, it's not even clear if you're 
linking your own code directly to libradiusclient, or using radlogin, or 
something else.

If you are using radlogin: look at the -i option.

If you are linking to libradclient: auth_radius(rh, *client_port*, 
username, passwd);
or rc_auth(rh, *client_port*, send, &received, msg);

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