How to manipulate NAS-Port-ID from freeswitch using libfreeradius v1.1.7 ?

Dmitriy Borisov borik.internet at
Mon Mar 13 16:35:01 CET 2017

Thank you, it works when I change rc_auth client_port parameter :)

пн, 13 мар. 2017 г. в 14:25, Brian Candler <b.candler at>:

> On 12/03/2017 21:48, Dmitriy Borisov wrote:
> I`ve a problem :( I must interoperate with PortaBilling Radius server,
> which requires from me to send 5060 in NAS-Port-Id attribute. I can`t
> understood, how can I do this. It always equal to zero. I found that I must
> write something to /etc/freeradius/port-id-map, but I don`t know what port
> freeswitch using (eg /dev/tty0)
> Show what code you're currently running, and what configs you have already
> made.  From what you wrote above, it's not even clear if you're linking
> your own code directly to libradiusclient, or using radlogin, or something
> else.
> If you are using radlogin: look at the -i option.
> If you are linking to libradclient: auth_radius(rh, *client_port*,
> username, passwd);
> or rc_auth(rh, *client_port*, send, &received, msg);

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