Freeradius service - unexpected restarts

Peter Hutchison p.j.hutchison at
Fri Oct 13 14:49:59 CEST 2017

> Any ideas what cause the freeradius service to stop and restart

> repeatedly like this?



- do you run latest version of FR (or at least, latest available from your distro)?


- does it happen often, or only on that specified time?

No it doesn't happen often, only yesterday so far.

- does something happen on that time that restart freeradius (e.g.

logrotate, apt-get upgrade, or something)?

No, all scheduled job run outside normal daytime hours.

- does FR access external things (e.g. database)? What is the state of those systems at that time?

No, no databases are used.

>The usual troubleshooting methods would be 'run freeradius in debug mode and read the logs', but it might not be able to help you much if the problem is due FR being restarted.

It would be very hard do to 'read' such logs on a live system with the high number of connections made.

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