Control sub-TLV attributes order in rest module

Avner Elizarov avnerelizarov at
Sun Sep 10 10:21:54 CEST 2017

I'm using the freeradius rest module to convert form json to radius format.
I have a TLV attribute with several sub-attributes and I want to control
the order that the rest module puts the sub attributes.
For example, lets say I have an example TLV (tlv_example) with 2 sub
attributes, a string (*sub1*) and an integer (*sub2*).
I want to create 2 instances of the *tlv_example*, each with its own 2 sub
attributes. How should I send the information to the rest module in a way
that it would generate 2 seperate AVPs (one for each tlv) and how can I
control the order of the sub-attributes inside each AVP?

The format I used so far was sending an array for each sub attribute and
this created a single AVP that contained all of the sub attributes in the
follwoing order:
Meaning all instances of the same sub attribute were grouped together and i
would like the format to be:
Meaning all sub attributes of the same instance to be grouped (in a
seperate TLV).

What is the json format I need to use for that to happen?


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