Migrating configuration. Users file

jan hugo prins jhp at jhprins.org
Thu Sep 21 18:18:00 CEST 2017


In my version 2 config I had a users file that was working fine.
In my version 3 config I have moved the content of this file to

My huntsgroup file is working, or at least I see Huntgroup-Name
attribute in my Auth-Detail logging.

there are a few things I don't see at the moment and they are all
related to my users /authorize file:

- User to group mappings.
- Aruba attributes are not added to an authenticated user
- Users in my users file (phones etc) are not able to authenticate.

In version 2 I had use_tunneled_reply = yes in my config.
In version 3 this is depricated and now I have to do something with
update outer.session-state in my inner-tunnel config.

In version 2 I had to add some information regarding groups to the
/etc/raddb/dictionary file. This file is in my config tree, but I have
the idea that it is not being accessed.

What could I be missing?
Attached is my radiusd -X output file.

Jan Hugo Prins

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