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> On 23 Sep 2017, at 03:25, Peter Lambrechtsen <peter at> wrote:
> Or if you really need some really special logic write it in Perl as there
> is a very stable module to do exactly that. The Python module is also there
> but can be more problematic if you have external dependencies and is less
> forgiving. The perl code I wrote gets called millions of times a day
> without an issue.

I wouldn't say one is more stable or forgiving than the other. From a developer's perspective, the C embedding APIs are both obtuse and seem to be written by people who resent the fact that people are embedding their beautiful languages and not using them in their pure form.

From a user's perspective there's some weirdness with global configuration in python (like python_path), which we plan to fix in v4...


update control {
        Auth-Type := `/usr/bin/php -f /foo/bar/baz.php --username '%{User-Name}' --password '%{User-Password}' --ip '%{Client-IP-Address}'`

Is perfectly valid syntax.  Backtick expansion is supported by the server.

As Alan D says, any data written to stdout will be assigned to Auth-Type.

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