How to install a new module in freeradius 3.x?

Igor Sousa igorvolt at
Wed Sep 27 13:16:42 CEST 2017


I understand that you meant and I appreciate it. I'm going to pay attention
more in documentation of the configurations files. Althought, I have
another doubt about topic subject: Is there any problem to re-build newest
version over my freeradius version? In my case, I intend to upgrade my
freeradius 3.0.13 to 3.0.15, the newest stable version.

Igor Sousa

2017-09-26 17:10 GMT-03:00 Alan DeKok <aland at>:

> On Sep 26, 2017, at 3:48 PM, Igor Sousa <igorvolt at> wrote:
> > *Sometimes I think that miss some information in
> > because I usually don't find what I search in it. I believe that  I
> forget
> > something or I search to wrong way, though it's only my opinion.
> >
> > Do you have some tip to find documentations about freeradius, in
> specially
> > about accounting configurations?
>   If you can't find something, ask on the list.
>   The configuration files have a lot of documentation.  Each module
> documents what it does.  Each virtual server documents what it does.
>   The Wiki documents common use-cases, and non-configuration things.
>   The main problem is that it's very difficult to write documentation that
> describes *how* to do things.  e.g. "how do I configure the server to do X".
>   The wiki contains some howto documentation.  But not huge amounts.
>   The reason it's difficult to write this documentation is that everyone's
> RADIUS server is different.  Everyone has custom rules, everyone's NAS
> sends different data.
>   So when people ask "how do I configure my custom rules", the answer is
> usually "well, see what your NAS sends, decide what you want the server to
> do, read the docs to see how to do that, and configure the server".
>   This isn't DHCP or DNS.  Both of those protocols are pretty simple in
> comparison to RADIUS.
> DNS: I have IP address, tell me the name.
> DHCP: I don't have an IP, but here's my MAC.  Please give me an IP
> RADIUS: I'm logging in via EAP with a certificate, anonymous outer
> user-name, real inner user-name, please look up the inner user in LDAP
> groups, and then return VLAN information based on which group they're in
>   Uh... that's about 10x more complicated than either DNS or DHCP.
>   Alan DeKok.
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