monitor an eap session in a production environment with a lot of devices

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ok, I realize that the question was wrong...

I apologize and thank you for your support!


2017-09-28 19:20 GMT+02:00 Alan DeKok <aland at>:

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> >
> > I'm newbie in freeradius. With a lot of debug and test I understand how
> server works (and I find it great) but i'm struggling to understand and
> debug problems such as retransmissions, timeouts and similar situations
> because I can not reproduce them and study them.
>   The only real answer here is to:
> a) read the RFCs.  RFC 5080 for one
> b) read the FreeRADIUS config files
> c) read the FreeRADIUS source code.
>   Most of the time, administrators don't need to know how it works.  They
> just need to know that it *does* work.
>   The only time you need to know exactly how all of this works is when
> you're writing your own RADIUS server.
>   Alan DeKok.

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