Question on radgroupreply query

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Aug 27 13:57:21 CEST 2018

On Aug 24, 2018, at 11:05 AM, J Kephart <jkephart at> wrote:
> We use FR in a hospitality environment, and user credentials are created dynamically.  Because those credentials are set to expire after a preset period of time, we have a process that removes stale entries from the various tables.  Otherwise, a user who reconnects after his session expires gets a reject, because FR returns the older attributes, rather than the newest ones.

  That sounds like a scripting problem, not a FreeRADIUS problem.

  i.e. "the users entries were deleted, but some user entries remain, so they get the wrong thing".

  If you delete the old entries, then delete *all* of the old entries.  Don't leave part of them around to break new entries.

> I have not reviewed the code (not an expert), but I wonder if by changing the query, adding "order by id desc," this situation might be remedied.  Will that do the trick for us?


  But it's better to fix your script so that it actually *deletes* user entries, instead of *partially* deleting them.  And make sure that deletion is done in a transaction, too.

  Alan DeKok.

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