[EXTERNAL] Re: Get number of users logged in via mySQL

Winfield, Alister Alister.Winfield at sky.uk
Tue Dec 18 08:55:18 CET 2018

Remember that for an AP the concept of when a session stops is not as clear cut as you might imagine. Worst case is you won't see a stop until the DHCP lease expires or perhaps when the AP gives up on a devices association having not seen it for a while. What this normally means is that there can be many 'sessions' for a single device in your network. If you can guarantee that one identity can NEVER appear in two places then just change your SQL to only count the last session to start for each unique identity. Here remember if AP's are close enough together devices could 'flip-flop' between them so concepts like never tend to be more or less impossible to guarantee.


´╗┐On 17/12/2018, 19:51, "Freeradius-Users on behalf of Alan DeKok" <freeradius-users-bounces+alister.winfield=sky.uk at lists.freeradius.org on behalf of aland at deployingradius.com> wrote:

    On Dec 17, 2018, at 11:54 AM, Renato Sousa <rensousa at gmail.com> wrote:
    >>> Yes ... If the information provided by NAS were correct a sentence as
    >>> below would solve the question:
    >> select count (*) from radaact where acctstoptime is null;

      If the NAS is lying to FreeRADIUS, then there is little you can do.

    >>> However, when I go to analyze the selected records, I see repeated
    >>> records with the same device mac-address.
    >> Right now I saw that my user does not have an open session on radius. :(

      I don't know what that means.  More correctly, I don't know what *you* think that means.

      The radacct table just stores the data sent by the NAS.  If there are multiple session in the DB for a user, then:

    a) the user has multiple sessions


    b) the NAS isn't sending FreeRADIUS "stop" packets when a session closes.

      There really aren't any other options.

    > Most of my APs are Ubiquiti, but I also have Cisco, HP, and Aruba on my
    > infraestructure. Is there any incompatibility with these manufacturers when
    > users move from one to another?

      No.  They just send RADIUS packets.

    > Anyone have any tips to improve this diagnosis?

      Look on the NAS to see which users are online.  Most NASes should provide an admin interface to do this.

    >>> How to delete these open sessions?
    >>  SQL statements.
    > I have already done an UPDATE in the tables to insert date in the old
    > records with acctstoptime equal to NULL, however they continue to be
    > generated.

      Then the user has multiple sessions.  You will need to configure Simultaneous-Use to ensure that each user has only one session active at a time.

      Alan DeKok.

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