Daniel Kong daniel.kongyh at
Tue Dec 18 05:15:35 CET 2018

I know you guys are very busy helping the rest but I hope you can help me
with this. I would like freeradius to authenticate with 3rd party
application via REST API. I do have the configuration like below.

connect_uri = ""
authenticate {
uri = "${..connect_uri}/user/%{User-Name}/%{User-Password}"
method = "get"

Problem is that I do not know what to be included in the request and
response for every authenticate, authorize, post-auth, and accounting. For
the response, I just include the HTTP status is sufficient for
authentication? How about the response for authorize, post-auth, and

If the freeRadius is configured to use RESTful API, does other post-auth,
authorize, and accounting can be use with mysql so that only authentication
is using rest?

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