freeradius high cpu load

Matt Zagrabelny mzagrabe at
Thu Jan 18 17:55:00 CET 2018


Thanks for writing into the mailing list (ML) for help.

While I mostly lurk on this list, the notion that Alan isn't helpful is
wildly wrong. Just because his answers are succinct does not mean they are

And to be honest, this is *your* system and *your* design isn't working.
The quality of your questions to the ML and the quality of the answers you
provide to the ML will be directly proportional to the type/amount/quality
of help you receive.

For instance, "top" posting to his reply while he (and the rest of the
FR-users ML) uses "inline". This is slightly disrespectful to those whose
help you are requesting.

I'll continue replying inline...

On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 10:34 AM, Bassem Mettichi <mettichi at>

> Hello Alan,
> i don't understand why your answers are always like this, if you don't like
> to give a hand you don't need to write me any thing you didn't answered any
> question i have posted on the this list always you blame me i don't like
> why, you have to trusted me, iam using Redhat 7.1, on this machine i have
> 4VCPU + 8GB RAM, iam using freeradius with rediswho for accounting and
> freeradius with rlm_perl for authentication,

Alan already stated that perl is slow. If you are going to insist on using
perl, then you need to do some analysis on if you can be speed up what perl
is doing. There was already advice on this:

"b) make it do less work per-packet"

> iam doing a performnce tests
> because the Customer has a lot of trafic that is why i have stopped using
> MYSQL and iam using now redis database, the Customer need 10000 accounting
> start / seconde but i have now reached only 6000 accounting start / second
> because of the high cpu

Is the CPU usage due to perl above? Is it starving the CPU for redis?

> use of radiusd process on the system when i execute
> top

top isn't going to be the best way to measure where the CPU is spending its

> command i see only radiusd running and used the totality of the 4 VCPU
> please if you can't help me don't tell any thing, i don't need for your
> blame.
For the sake of my own curiosity, does anyone know the throughput for FR
dumping accounting packets to disk?



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