guide on configuring freeradius 3 LDAP

Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Thu Jan 18 21:57:54 CET 2018

provide full debug not the bits that interest you (as noted, you are
new to this and so without understanding all the minutae of details
only providing minimal (and wrong bits) of output we end
up playing a guessing game)

note that some of the stuff in the virtual servers is older - and in
fact, pre-fixed with a warning. if you read the ldap module you will
find further instruction eg

# Note: set_auth_type was removed in v3.x.x
# Equivalent functionality can be achieved by adding the following
# stanza to the authorize {} section of your virtual server.
# ldap
# if ((ok || updated) && User-Password) {
# update {
# control:Auth-Type := ldap
# }
# }


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