Secondary Authentication on FreeRadius

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Fri Mar 16 19:53:37 CET 2018

I have Python based radius module, which asks memcached, then in case no result returned it performed http get request.
I may provide you a code or change it for you - not problem its very simple.
P.S. Maybe Python choice is less preferable than Perl (which already works in my environment), but I have not fully tested it.
P.P.S. Btw I'm interested in taking on this project for free. But at this point don't know if my skills are good enough for you ;)
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Тема: Secondary Authentication on FreeRadius

We have a Juniper SSL VPN device that we want to authenticate to AD via the
Free Radius.

If the Username and password is good - Want to have another check against
our Scheduling software that manages the users Time of Allowed VPN.  It is
front ended by an API via HTTP

If the scheduling software says the time is good - We want to send a
message back to the Juniper - that access is allowed.

If anyone is interested in taking on this project, please respond to me
with either an hourly rate of project cost.

Let me know
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