Query error in Acct table for Tenant_ID

Alan Buxey alan.buxey at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 21:09:24 CET 2018

okay..so you are doing this

(65) sql : EXPAND INSERT INTO rad_accts (tenant_id, acctsessionid,
acctuniqueid, username, realm, nasipaddress, nasportid, nasporttype,
acctstarttime, acctupdatetime, acctstoptime, acctsessiontime, acctauthentic,
connectinfo_start, connectinfo_stop, acctinputoctets,
acctoutputoctets, calledstationid,
callingstationid, acctterminatecause, servicetype, framedprotocol,
framedipaddress) VALUES (SELECT nas.tenant_id FROM nas WHERE nas.realipaddr
= '%{NAS-IP-Address}', '%{Acct-Session-Id}', '%{Acct-Unique-Session-Id}',
'%{SQL-User-Name}', '%{Realm}', '%{NAS-IP-Address}', '%{NAS-Port}',
'%{NAS-Port-Type}', FROM_UNIXTIME(%{integer:Event-Timestamp}),
FROM_UNIXTIME(%{integer:Event-Timestamp}), NULL, '0', '%{Acct-Authentic}',
'%{Connect-Info}', '', '0', '0', '%{Called-Station-Id}',
'%{Calling-Station-Id}', '', '%{Service-Type}', '%{Framed-Protocol}',

you cant do that - that is not a valid SQL INSERT command.  you will
need to either have a stored
procedure in the SQL server for that first value.. OR, before you do
the sql stuff you will need to assign a
value to a local variable that you have defined in the dictionary file eg

this_example = %{sql:"SELECT nas.tenant_id FROM nas WHERE
nas.realipaddr = '%{NAS-IP-Address}"}

and then use the this_example variable in your SQL INSERT statement

obviously, read the unlang man page to see how to deal with such variables


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