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Alan Buxey alan.buxey at
Thu Mar 29 14:51:13 CEST 2018


> thank you for excellent software, but please don't waste your time
> creating docker images. FreeRadius is not commercial product and Docker
> kills free software.


> A lot of people use Unix derivatives where docker images are useless, from the
> other hand every skilled Linux/Unix
> administrator should be able to make his own docker image or install
> software in FreeBSD jail, Illumos zone etc.

none of this would adjust or change the availability of the usual
.tar.bz2 archives,
the packages etc.  this is about providing yet another way that people
can use FreeRADIUS,
opening the possibilities of eg running it on Windows servers (via
Linux docker container),
ensuring that those who need a docker image have one....and they can
EASILY choose exactly
what version to run.

so, no more 'i dont know how to do that' or 'how do i?' for Docker images.
no more 'i dont know how to get 3.0.16, i'm only given 2.2.8'

with regards to skilled Linux/Unix admins - they can also make their
own RPMs and DEBs etc
but that doesn't mean we don't provide such resources.

and modern DevOps and service deployment is going down the CI/CD and
containerization route,
we should ensure we play in that space to our best abilities.


> Here is my 2 cents, best regards,
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> Marek Zarychta
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