help perl and pap authentication

Alan DeKok aland at
Tue Sep 4 15:30:29 CEST 2018

On Sep 4, 2018, at 9:28 AM, lesterpl at wrote:
> Thank you very much for the help but I'm not an expert in freeradius, I think you say that you remove the perl option from the file /etc/freeradius/3.0/sites-enabled/default and place it in inner-tunnel, my idea is to authenticate the server with a perl script that queries pop3 to several domains because I have users of several domains and I do not have to create the accounts. Now the script works which is the main thing but I have the problem of eap sent by my AP. please help I've been stuck for days and it seems like I'm blocked.

  As I said in my first reply... even if you *do* get it working, it will only work for EAP-TTLS with PAP inside of the inner-tunnel.

  Do you know what that means?

  Alan DeKok.

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