Mac OSx reconnecting after waking from sleep

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Satanic Hiiis, 
This is obviously the fault of the fallen company, I have a notebook whose sound stops working after sleeping and only a restart helps, microsoft blamed the sound card driver manufacturer, writing, let them produce a new driver for a dinosaur hardware!

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>Hi All

>We have been having an almost random issues from various staff members of when their macbook fails to reconnect to our WPA2 Enterprise wifi network (freeradius with eap-peap authenticating against AD) after waking from sleep whilst on battery power with the wifi looking like it is constantly searching.  Simply turning the wifi off and on again reconnects almost instantaneously, which leaves me ruling out the availability of the Radius server as the issue.  Also, when the macbook is connected to its charger, we never see the issue.  We have seen this issue across differing access point vendors which has left us scratching our heads.

>I know I am probably asking in the wrong place, but apart from very little information on the Internet, I have no way to determine if this is somewhat normal anticipated behaviour with macbooks and because it is so random, replicating the issue is almost fruitless to attempt to work out the fault.
I am hoping that someone here has experienced the same issue or may be able to provide guidance and if I am asking in the wrong place, please let me know.

   - Kind Regards

   - Byron Jeffery
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