Authorization via getpwent (users coming via SSSD)

Mike Ely me at
Wed Aug 14 21:23:37 CEST 2019


We currently have our users authenticating via ntlm_auth and would like
to make authorization decisions based on group membership. The radius
server is joined to the domain and standard Unix commands calling
getpwnam will return expected data:

# id
uid=123456789( gid=234567890(domain users)

Looking at various modules available to handle this I'm encountering the
following problems with each (usual caveats about how I may be
misreading the docs):
rlm_pam: appears to only be set up to work for authentication
rlm_passwd: appears to want a file
rlm_unix: also appears to want a file to read? (maybe?)

I'm hoping one of these above or perhaps something else can be used in
the authorize section such that if a user logs in, and that user's group
membership includes the required group (say, ipmi), then the
authorization will be accepted. It's just not clear to me how to proceed

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