Invalid vendor name in attribute name error after migration from 2.2.6 to 3.0.13

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Aug 19 15:30:22 CEST 2019

On Aug 19, 2019, at 7:59 AM, Лев Валуев <2309005m03 at> wrote:
> We trying to move from freeradius 2.2.6 to 3.0.13. Looks like I was
> able to modify almost all the configuration, but I have an issue with
> one of the attribute names in users file and I am not sure what's
> wrong with it.
> Error message:
> /etc/raddb/users[34]: Parse error (reply) for entry DEFAULT: Invalid
> vendor name in attribute name "GroupName"

  What are you using that for?  Where did it come from?

> DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == "SBC",Group == "SBCAdmins",Auth-Type := pam
>        Service-Type = NAS-Prompt-User,
>        cisco-avpair = "shell:priv-Alvl=15",
>        GroupName = "Administrator"

  You can't set a user's group via an attribute.

  That configuration was likely just ignored in v2.

  Was that supposed to be a cisco attribute that goes back to the NAS?

  Alan DeKok.

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