Allow same user to authenticate with different passwords

Taymour Gabr taymourgabr at
Mon Dec 9 15:07:58 CET 2019

Hi All,

We are trying to allow users to authenticate with different passwords
using an SQL database and freeradius version 3.0.17 (hotel scenario,
where unrelated people can have the same family name).

I've already seen these two links:

and I've had a look at the queries.conf file for mysql. I found the
'authorize_check_query', but that query just resolves to present all
the fields for the username, and 'authorize_check_query' is not used
elsewhere to use those results to retrieve the password... .

So I am still at a loss of how I can change freeradius to accept a
different type of radcheck table with multiple fields for the password
per user, and where I would change the logic of how it accepts any of
these passwords.

Addiionally it should use Simultaneous-Use checks per
username+password combination rather than per username. But that's of
course something we can change within the sql server events and

Kind Regards,

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