Allow same user to authenticate with different passwords

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Tue Dec 10 09:28:53 CET 2019

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Onderwerp: RE: Allow same user to authenticate with different passwords

>> We are trying to allow users to authenticate with different passwords using an SQL database and freeradius version 3.0.17 (hotel scenario, where unrelated people can have the same family name).

>Perhaps I'm being strange here - but a single username with multiple passwords sounds like a security hole to me - in that if johnsmith is logging in twice because there are two "John Smith" users - how do you tell them apart in case of (for example) law enforcement request?

>Surely it's easier/better/simpler just to give everyone a unique login name? Perhaps in your hotel case use room number plus surname? So 317smith & 226smith

>From an infosec point of view this is a *terrible* idea, because it would allow a stalker or PI who knows the name of your guest to potentially figure out what room their target is in by process of elimination.

Use random names and passwords instead.


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