Does freeRADIUS 3 support PostgreSQL 11

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The shared secret is correct tested with radtest and PostgreSQL 9

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> On Dec 11, 2019, at 4:11 PM, Min Wang <Min.Wang at> wrote:
> I have PostgreSQL 9 which works with either FreeRADIUS 2 or 3.  I have PostgreSQL 11 which works with FreeRADIUS 2 but not 3.  I don't have output/debug error.  For now I just have PostgreSQL log
> 2019-12-11 16:07:18.760 EST mwang at postgres  415 2 LOG:  RADIUS response from has incorrect MD5 signature

  The shared secret doesn't match.  Both client and server have to have the same shared secret.

  If the shared secret is the same, then it might be a bug in PostgresQL.  The issue from our end is that FreeRADIUS works with every other RADIUS client on the planet.

  So if it doesn't work with one particular client, then it's very likely that the client is wrong.

  Alan DeKok.

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