Freeradius with EAP and LDAP

Juntunen, Jarkko jarkko.juntunen at
Thu Dec 19 17:09:07 CET 2019

We have Freeradius server 3.0.16 up and running and it'll authenticate Our
test users successfully via default and inner-tunnel with PAP against Our
test LDAP-server. But when we try to authenticate those same test users
against that very same LDAP-server from/via Meraki (Cisco) Wifi-endpoints
with EAP we'll have rejected auths.

We have also created some test users in Freeradius db, and if we disable
LDAP from Our configs those users can authenticate without problems against
Freeradius itself.

I'm just a newbie with Freeradius (and radius in general as well), so can
anyone help and give a hint what We are missing?

All help will be appreciated.


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