Freeradius with EAP and LDAP

Marek Zarychta zarychtam at
Thu Dec 19 17:23:03 CET 2019

W dniu 19.12.2019 o 17:09, Juntunen, Jarkko pisze:
> Hello,
> We have Freeradius server 3.0.16 up and running and it'll authenticate Our
> test users successfully via default and inner-tunnel with PAP against Our
> test LDAP-server. But when we try to authenticate those same test users
> against that very same LDAP-server from/via Meraki (Cisco) Wifi-endpoints
> with EAP we'll have rejected auths.
> We have also created some test users in Freeradius db, and if we disable
> LDAP from Our configs those users can authenticate without problems against
> Freeradius itself.
> I'm just a newbie with Freeradius (and radius in general as well), so can
> anyone help and give a hint what We are missing?
> All help will be appreciated.
> -Jarkko
> -
Dear Jarkko,

please follow Alan's instructions to debug, but also bear in mind that
to get PEAP with MSCHAP working you probably need either
Cleartext-Password or hashed NT-Password available for users.

Marek Zarychta

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