Problem with MSCHAP when migrating from freeradius2 to freeradius3

koehne koehne at
Mon Feb 4 14:33:07 CET 2019

Hi Alan,

thanks for your quick response.

 > Which should be clear. The server is unable to get the 
Cleartext-Password from LDAP. As such, it can't do MS-CHAP.

 >> Do you mean, I shall get back the password from LDAP in Cleartext 
form?? Our eDir sends it in a hashed form. It works so with freeradius2 
for years.

 > Read what you've done to the "inner-tunnel" virtual server,

 >> I´ve gone through this module several times in the last weeks and 
have no further idea ...

and ask yourself: "Where is Cleartext-Password supposed to be coming from?"

 >>  this is exactly what I´m asking myself ... with no clear answer and 
idea what to change.
Sorry, I´m no Server-, Freeradius- or Linux-Expert. Normally I´m working 
with Network-Devices, but now trying to migrate a very old  freeradius 
installation, because there´s no other person in our office able to do 

Thanks for your patience.


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