Is it possible to set Simultaneous-Use without any SQL/LDAP database ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at
Thu Jan 24 09:13:27 CET 2019

Thank you very much for your comment as I'm targeting Unifi AP myself.
(I've you contribution in another thread and will reply there)

For me there are many reasons why a system backed with a correctly
configured Freeradius backend wouldn't behave as expected:
- you can have wrong exepectations in the first place,
- you can configuration or implementation issues in each involved component.

That is the reason why I prefer beby step and focus here on one single
question: "is my Freeradius instance correctly set ?".

DEFAULT    Simultaneous-Use := 1
    Fall-Through = Yes

999_9999 Cleartext-Password := "123456789"

>From memory or previous experience, would you say the above content to be
perfectly correct for limiting one connection per login or
did you use something different to configure this Simultaneous-Use
parameter ?
(at the moment, being able to override default Simultaneous-Use is not a

Thanks in advance

Le mer. 23 janv. 2019 à 19:32, Hans-Christian Esperer <hc at> a
écrit :

> Hi,
> On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 06:34:21PM +0100, Olivier wrote:
> > >   If you have 5K users, radutmp is fine.
> >
> >
> > I have up to 200 users, at most.
> > I'm glad to read radutmp is fine for this scale.
> Another thing to consider:
> radutmp depends on the "NAS-Port" parameter of accounting packets to be
> unique
> per user per NAS/AP, because the tuple of (NAS-Port, NAS-Id) seems to be
> the
> primary key for radutmp.
> I'm using unifi APs where NAS-Port is always 0. radutmp doesn't work there
> without a hack (Alan DeKoK suggested setting the NAS-Port to a hash of the
> user
> name if it is 0 using unlang).
> Cheers,
>  HC
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