Multiple UserDN for different LDAPs

diego.barzon at diego.barzon at
Mon Jan 28 00:27:28 CET 2019


Hi all,
 here's the problem.
I need to authenticate against 2
different LDAP servers, populated with different data. I don't need
specific information (like group memberships or so): trying to bind with
the credentials is enough.
In 'authorize' I set Auth to LDAP and in
authenticate I put something like this:
 fail = 1
 invalid = 2

reject = 3
if (!ok) {
ldap1 and ldap2 configurations are on
separate files, they are different in everything: the former's a DC, the
latter an openldap server. Moreover they have different BaseDN. 
looks like freeradius set UserDN for the first ldap and tries to use the
same on the second. I think I need two different values for LDAP-UserDN,
which is not possible, but I read there's some kind of workaround
involving writing on files/authorize but honestly I didn't understand
what I'm supposed to do.
Thanks in advance!

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