NAS-Port / radwho

Hans-Christian Esperer hc at
Sun Mar 3 19:16:15 CET 2019


Small update on this old issue:

On Sat, Sep 08, 2018 at 08:56:45AM -0400, Alan DeKok wrote:
> 	if (NAS-Port == 0) {

The manufacturer never got back to me on my issue report, but:

The newer firmwares don't send the NAS-Port attribute at all (before, it was
set to 0). So the above line of unlang fails to evaulate and thus the NAS-Port
is never updated to the hash of the username.

Since I use only NASes of the same type, I've simply removed the conditional
statement and always calculate the NAS-Port based on the user name's hash now.


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