Re: FR 3.0.13, reply of attributes missing

J├╝rgen Northe jn at
Sun Mar 3 23:04:41 CET 2019

>> I managed it to define and assign the wanted LDAP attributes in the reply messages by defining them in the LDAP module.
>> I am quite finished now but have one question left:
>> All types of my VLAN settings are kept in profiles.
>> In the settings of a device is a "radiusProfileDN" attribute pointing to the profile like
>> cn=PRINTER,ou=VLAN,ou=profiles,ou=radius,dc=compend,dc=com where i.e. radiusTunnelPrivateGroupID and others are defined.
>> Right now, the server is not going to resolve the radiusProfileDN.

I have absolutely no idea and this is the reason of my posting.

>> Do I have to define here also a matching pair of radius and LDAP attribute which is in module ldap group section treated with filter definitions?\

>I don't think so. The Wiki has full documentation on how the LDAP module works. That may help. 

I have read the the wiki and  "user profile attribut" is what I want but I can't transfer it to my scenario because the choose of the DN of a profile entry containing radius attributes is not depending of a result of a service type. It is a simple extension of the entry without any dependencies.

Thanks and best regards

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