What is the current status and roadmap for FreeRadius?

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Sat Mar 16 22:39:16 CET 2019

On Mar 16, 2019, at 3:57 PM, Joshua Marshall <j.marshall at arroyo.io> wrote:
> I did not write anything disrespectful,


> did not mean anything
> disrespectful, and made a reasonable effort to be professional in a fashion
> which has been well received by other projects.

  Also nonsense.  Comments like the following are completely unprofessional:

> What we are really feeling over here is a lack of modern behavior and
> features.

  Really?  You honestly expected to post that, and then get a response of "OMFG you're right, our work *is* utter shit!"

  You didn't keep it civil, and simply posted a bug report, or a comment that something specific was broken.  Instead, you posted that your "feelings" were hurt that FreeRADIUS didn't live up to your expectations.

  Such comments are unprofessional and ignorant.  They *deserve* a response of a public spanking.

>  Those projects did not
> turn around to label me as aggressive or abusive or demanding free work.

  A comment of "why haven't you guys converted to C++" *is* asking for free work.

  And for anyone with any competence, the answer is obvious.  Which I guess is why you asked the question...

>  I
> do not understand why, but this kind of response can only serve to burn
> bridges and drive away a community.  This is the reason why you only have
> three or four developers while much smaller projects have 10's of
> developers.

  Also nonsense.  I don't care that a "my little pony" fan site has tens of developers.  Stay there if you must.

>  But, at the insistence of treating me like an impudent child
> for just trying to understand your project better with inherently open
> ended questions I will not aid or contribute to your project as I have with
> others.

  This is the real heart of the matter.  Our comments are so terrible that you won't bless us further with your presence.

  Really?  For everyone else reading that, I'l just let it sink in for a moment.  What kind of person says such a ludicrous thing?

  I've seen that response many, many, times over the years.  It's always made by some self-important blowhard who knows nothing, understands nothing, and refuses to learn anything.  It's made by someone who's done nothing, but who has grandiose plans.  It's usually accompanied by complaints about how "you guys are unprofessional", and "your project is going to die".

  If your comments were an attempt at contributing, then we can live very well without that help, thanks.

> Alan, I can only imagine you have driven everyone who loved you away and
> are now living as an isolated old man outside of work.  Please make
> healthier life choices.

  What a condescending and narcissistic load of bullshit.

  You're claiming moral superiority because (as an analogy), you told me that my personal life mirrors that of Oedipus.  You're claiming that it's just a classical reference, and that it's all above board.

  No, you're the asshole here.  You're just upset that someone caught you being an asshole, and called you out on it.

  Alan DeKok.

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