What is the current status and roadmap for FreeRadius?

Alex Perez-Mendez Alex.Perez-Mendez at jisc.ac.uk
Mon Mar 18 10:00:24 CET 2019

> I did not write anything disrespectful, did not mean anything
> disrespectful, and made a reasonable effort to be professional in a fashion
> which has been well received by other projects.  Those projects did not
> turn around to label me as aggressive or abusive or demanding free work.  I
> do not understand why, but this kind of response can only serve to burn
> bridges and drive away a community.  This is the reason why you only have
> three or four developers while much smaller projects have 10's of
> developers.  But, at the insistence of treating me like an impudent child
> for just trying to understand your project better with inherently open
> ended questions I will not aid or contribute to your project as I have with
> others.

Joshua, let me tell you that you were indeed disrespectful with your 
comments (I'm not saying you did it on purpose though, but definitely 
you were). You undervalued FreeRadius' quality just by the selection of 
the programming language or the features they provide, without even 
thinking about why they made their choices in the first place.

The choice of programming language does not necessarily have a direct 
consequence in the quality of the software being built.  In fact, there 
are countless of projects around written in very cool languages, that 
would make a proper software engineer to cry. C is a great language for 
high performance software. Have you ever thought why Linux hasn't 
switched to C++... or Python?

And regarding the features... well the fact that something hasn't been 
implemented *yet* does not mean that it cannot be done. Speaking as an 
individual, I can only say that the FreeRadius' folks have always tried 
to help me implementing all the features I've tried to. Of course that 
means that you need to provide actual technical details of what you want 
to achieve, not just crying that "something cannot be easily made".
The amount of high level and cooler languages FreeRadius support (say 
Python, Perl, Lua...) is amazing. Most of what you may want to implement 
would be possible by using one of them, and if there is anything that 
precludes you from doing so... you can propose (or even implement) the 
required changes. I did, and guess what, the changed were merged without 
a bad word.

Also, read this document 
https://github.com/FreeRADIUS/freeradius-server/blob/master/LICENSE as 
it seems to me that might contain crucial information for you.

> Alan, I can only imagine you have driven everyone who loved you away and
> are now living as an isolated old man outside of work.  Please make
> healthier life choices.

Bringing this discussion into the personal space only demonstrates a low 
value as a person.
For me, this comment ends any further technical discussion.

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