Password " $ " Sign issue

prasad karulkar prasad at
Fri Mar 22 06:21:18 CET 2019


I have configured FreeRadius server for my cisco wireless authentication
through LDAP.
I am facing one issue.
When a user setting his password which has $ sign the user cannot able to
access wireless.

e.g. :
1. If user's password is : Pass123$   then it does connects to wireless
2. If user's password is : Pass$123 then it does not connect to wireless
3. If we put $ sign any where in between the password user cant able to
connect to wireless.

I see from the aaa debugs that the Radius server sent Access-Reject, as you
see below:

                  *radiusTransportThread: Mar 20 10:48:02.130:
3c:f8:62:7e:fd:1a Access-Reject received from RADIUS server
(qid:10) with port:1812, pktId:167 for mobile 3c:f8:62:7e:fd:1a receiveId =

Any help will be really helpful

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