Problem with LDAP queries

edson luiz xxicx at
Sat Sep 7 23:57:41 CEST 2019

I currently have a freeradius + LDAP server, I'm having a big problem, authentication works inconsistently, even for valid users with correct credentials, there are times when the user authenticates and at times not, the error is displayed:
(11) ldap: ERROR: Bind with uid = test, or = wifi, dc = test, dc = org to ldap: //X.X.X.X failed: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error
(11) ldap: ERROR: Server said: Failure authenticating with password.

The curious thing is that the problem only occurs in the authentication phase, I captured and analyzed the traffic of queries and strangely the information goes incorrect, it uses information from another user (one of the last connections), mixing everything, I think this is the problem, but I don't know what is causing it.

* information like server DN and IP has been modified

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