Problem with LDAP queries

Ibrahim AKSIT ibrahimaksit at
Sun Sep 8 21:49:56 CEST 2019

Hello dear there, could you please check the timezone date time on both
FreeRadius server and LDAP server?
It might be date time issue. You may set both them manually or use ntp
service. After then you can check logs and see what is going on.
I hope that is going to work for you
Good luck

On 8 Sep 2019 Sun at 01:00 edson luiz <xxicx at> wrote:

> I currently have a freeradius + LDAP server, I'm having a big problem,
> authentication works inconsistently, even for valid users with correct
> credentials, there are times when the user authenticates and at times not,
> the error is displayed:
> (11) ldap: ERROR: Bind with uid = test, or = wifi, dc = test, dc = org to
> ldap: //X.X.X.X failed: Other (e.g., implementation specific) error
> (11) ldap: ERROR: Server said: Failure authenticating with password.
> The curious thing is that the problem only occurs in the authentication
> phase, I captured and analyzed the traffic of queries and strangely the
> information goes incorrect, it uses information from another user (one of
> the last connections), mixing everything, I think this is the problem, but
> I don't know what is causing it.
> * information like server DN and IP has been modified
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