multiple DHCP virtual host

Maxime Gerges maxime.gerges at
Mon Sep 30 16:55:13 CEST 2019

Hello all,

I have a use case for the DHCP vhost where I would need to create 3 DHCP vhost on the same machine. The first one would listen to incoming DHCP requests from external relays (UDP 67) and relay the requests to 2 different specific DHCP vhost on the same machine based on some criteria. Each on these 2 DHCP vhost would have their own FSM to reply to client. This mechanism is already available in the RADIUS world of freeRADIUS as per the vhost capability and internal proxying.

Is this possible as per the v3.0.x mainstream ?

If not I guess that It would be possible to simulate 2 FSM on the same DHCP vhost using 2 different policies along with if/else.

if (first DHCP) {
else {

Best Regards


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