Building FreeRADIUS packages for Red Hat/CentOS

Matthew Newton mcn at
Mon Feb 3 13:37:05 CET 2020

On Mon, 2020-02-03 at 12:31 +0000, Chris Howley wrote:
> 1. Please would you tell me if the NetworkRADIUS packages are built
> with direct winbind support or do I need to build the packages from a

The NetworkRADIUS packages have support.

> 2. Is the information on the FreeRADIUS Wiki (
> current for building
> the packages?

The page is 5 years old, I wouldn't trust it. "make rpm" should
generally work these days.

> 3. Should I be using the OpenLDAP project or LDAP Tool Box project
> software when building the packages?

Use the LTB packages, as explained on

> 4. The FreeRADIUS spec file for 3.0.20 requires OpenLDAP software.
> How do I modify the spec file to use the LTB OpenLDAP distribution?

You don't. Install OpenLDAP from the LTB repo, not the RedHat one.
That's then the only one which can be used.


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