Building FreeRADIUS packages for Red Hat/CentOS

Chris Howley C.P.Howley at
Mon Feb 3 16:11:27 CET 2020

Hello Matthew,

Thank you for the information in the previous e-mail.

> 4. The FreeRADIUS spec file for 3.0.20 requires OpenLDAP software.

> How do I modify the spec file to use the LTB OpenLDAP distribution?

You don't. Install OpenLDAP from the LTB repo, not the RedHat one.

That's then the only one which can be used.

I've been told that the Red Hat OpenLDAP package is part of our standard server build and the software is used by applications on the server.

Would the presence of both the Red Hat and LTB OpenLDAP software cause any issues for the FreeRADIUS server?

I noticed the following note on the LTB project web site ( for the RPMs:

"The installation is done under /usr/local, in order to avoid conflicts with existing OpenLDAP installation. In particular, we do not touch the

ldap system libraries, which are linked in by many other programs."

I'm not a software developer so I'd appreciate your advice.

Thank you,

Chris Howley

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